What is a corset?

The Complete Corset Guide 2024

Corsets have been redesigned and redefined over the centuries, but a contemporary (modern) corset is a garment that is designed to cover the torso and fit more tightly than street clothes. Corsets range from gentle to curvy in silhouette, and they are often used to smooth the tummy and love handles, make the waist appear more narrow and the hips more broad, and for overbust corsets also securely lift and support the bustline.

Corsets can look very different depending on their length, silhouette, and fabric, but they all have certain elements in common: they all contain panels of (usually non-stretch) fabric that snugly holds the body, they contain boning which provides vertical tension in the garment so that it does not wrinkle or collapse on the body, and they have a lacing system which allows you to tighten and loosen the corset to your exact comfort and preference.

The complete corset guide has been created in collaboration with renowned corsetry guru Lucy of Lucy's Corsetry, who designed the Polly and Artemis corsets exclusively for True Corset.